Co Creation of digital products as a social innovative marketing tool


An inseparable practice from digital communication strategies is the development of content for the internet. The formats and objectives of each content, however, are unlimited and must be strategically selected and planned according to the reality of each project, niche, audience and other variables. An institutional blog, a series of videos on a Youtube channel, a profile on a social network such as Instagram, an informative digital book on some subject, all these are examples of content for the internet. 

The content for the internet can also be called digital products, depending on how they are formatted and consumed. In addition to serving as a way of disseminating ideas and, consequently, being essential for digital advertising, digital products can also be monetized directly, without the need to be tied to the sale of secondary products and services. In these cases, the communicational activity itself serves as an input, making it possible to monetize articles, videos, publications and much more. 

More objectively, digital products can be described as pieces of information that can be produced and made available in a closed unit (in any digital format) such as books, music, software and other types of content, free of charge or upon payment. Thus, digital products are powerful tools for educational processes, and it is not by chance that they were crucial to maintain the work of schools and technical courses during the pandemic. According to a survey by the Udemy platform,one of the largest online education marketplaces in the world, the demand for online courses after the first month of social distancing increased by 425%.

This is a great opportunity for any company or individual who has technical and relevant knowledge on a specific subject which can be taught through online courses, digital books and other formats, to create new products. And above all, an opportunity for professionals to work on the production of socially and environmentally responsible content, with the objective of offering the population increasingly better tools to move towards sustainable development.

Thinking about this market and the desire to positively impact different social agents through the same strategy, communication professionals launched Nox Project,  que disponibiliza mentoria em comunicação e marketing digital especificamente para empreendimentos sociais, com o objetivo de auxiliá-los na criação e distribuição de produtos digitais. Por meio dessa ação, o Projeto Nox quer usar o conhecimento em comunicação dos seus idealizadores para auxiliar empreendimentos sociais na produção de conteúdo educativo. Dessa forma, além de disponibilizarem informações confiáveis para a população, estes empreendimentos estarão utilizando os produtos digitais na sua publicidade digital e gerando novas oportunidades de receita para seus negócios.

The Nox Project has a partnership with the North American institution East-West Centerthrough the “Innovation for Sustainable Development Fellows” program. Through this program, the institute supports innovation projects that aim to work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Asia and the Americas.

If you have a social or environmental project or organization and believe that you can use your knowledge to create digital products that will benefit society and your business, please send an email to [email protected]