Nox is a project that invests in

digital creation

for social enterprises

Communication and Digital Marketing generating positive social impact

The Nox project is a space for developing actions in communication and digital marketing to empower small entrepreneurs and social enterprises. We work planning and executing collaborative processes in digital creation with our partners and customers, focusing mainly on content production for the web and digital products (such as e-books and online courses).

Social initiatives contribute with knowledge about their field of ​​expertise and Nox helps they find the best formats and strategies to publicize it and distribute relevant and qualified content to the right people.

Do you want to develop a project with us? Contact us to request a custom project or sign up for the first Mentoring Program in Communication and Digital Marketing for Social Enterprises.

Mentoring Program in

Communication and Digital Marketing

for Social Enterprises

Mentoring for an initial period of three months, completely remote, to help small social initiatives to design personalized and lasting digital communication and marketing strategies, focused on the co-creation of digital products. During the stipulated period, the meetings held go through four main stages: diagnosis of the digital presence of the initiative; planning in communication and digital marketing (related to the production of content and campaigns); execution of new strategies; monitoring and evaluation of results. 

Areas of expertise

What do we work on?

In addition to the projects that we launche and open for the participation of interested parties, we also we offer the possibility of contracting custom projects. Below you can see some of the items we work on in mentoring and on-demand services. 


Brand identity.

Email Marketing

Communication via email.


Search optimization.

Graphic design

Visual communication.

Social Media

Social media management.


Paid traffic management.


From articles to digital products.


Planning, production and editing.

Reports & Analysis

Performance monitoring.

Request for

Custom Projects

Are you in need of services for any of these areas, but do you want a process that is more accessible than an agency, with greater social value and that takes into account all the particularities of your initiative? Or are you thinking of an action that will make a nice impact and are you looking for a communication team to pursue this challenge with you? Call us!


The Nox project has the collaboration of the East-West Center Institute, through the Experiential Professional Development Program.